Mike Howard

Additional Information

 Mike Howard was born in Atlanta, Georgia and was educated in the Atlanta Public School System, where he graduated from J. C. Murphy High School. Later he received his B.S. degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Clark College in Atlanta, GA. 

Mike was employed 8 1/2 years as a computer programmer for IBM (Space Shuttle Division), but today he is programming individuals for success through his speaking and training seminars. As the President of MB Howard & Associates, a peak performance training company, he is a dynamic speaker who will move you to a new level of achievement. 

Mike Howard worked with the IBM team at NASA’s Mission Control Center during the 1986 space shuttle explosion. He recounts how his team lived through one of the nation's lowest points. Through that tragic event Mike has developed a message that will help your organization develop its flight plan for success. His high energy style will help you countdown, lift-off and propel yourself toward success within your organization. 

Mike, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and peak performance trainer, has traveled throughout this country making an impact with his message, training seminars, CDs, newsletter and books entitled From Ordinary to EXTRAordinary: Success Begins Within, Success Begins Within – Action Journal, and Passport To Creating A World Of Success. He has been featured on television and radio talking about success and a winning attitude. His weekly radio segment, Attitude Mondays, is making a positive impact on lives. Moreover, he has been written about and featured in local and national publications. Mike is a speaker, and peak performance trainer who is highly recognized as a person who is making an impact on lives. 

Mike has spoken to a variety of corporations, associations, groups, schools, and churches. Some of his clients include AT&T, Atlanta Public Schools, Bristol-Myers Squibb, City of Atlanta Government, Cobb County Government, Cobb County Public Schools, Corning, Equifax, Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia Power, GTE, HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International Airport, IBM, Kroger, Minnesota State University, Social Security Administration, Sprint, State Farm, SunTrust Bank, March Of Dimes and Xerox. 

Mike says, “If you want to see the world from the top of the mountain, you must equip yourself to make the climb.